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18th Aug 2019

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Ticker Juncker to stop being politically active

13. Aug, 08:38
EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker plans to stop being political active, when leaving his top-EU post. "I will not be politically active anymore. But I will stay active, write, take long walks", he told Tiroler Tageszeitung in an interview in relation to accepting the Grand Tiroler Adler Orden. Juncker admitted to some failures, including that his commission did not succeed in renewing the EU-Swiss framework agreement.

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Exclusive Selmayr did not keep formal records of lobby meetings 15. Aug, 17:06
The German former secretary-general of the European Commission held some 21 meetings which were registered in the lobby register. But no documents appeared to exist summarising what was said.

Feature EU asked to solve migrant rescue deadlock 14. Aug, 16:34
No EU country willing to open its ports for the Spanish rescue ship Open Arms, with France and others turning to the European Commission for help.

Exclusive Internal EU paper: Second Brexit vote was no longer 'distant dream' 14. Aug, 16:20
European Commission documents on meeting with Tony Blair describe chances of second referendum have become "credible".

Interview EU has 'zero incentive' to break open 'trilogue' deals 14. Aug, 09:24
PhD researcher Alexander Hoppe said street protests against the copyright directive came "way too late", because EU institutions had already found a compromise deal on the text.

Denmark plans import ban on EU-approved pesticide 14. Aug, 09:16
Denmark is preparing an urgent national ban on food treated with the pesticide chlorpyrifos after an EU health warning, but European law could block the initiative.

US offers Johnson helping hand on Brexit 12. Aug, 17:41
The US wants to help the UK cushion the blow of Brexit with a bilateral trade deal, the White House has said, as knives come out for Johnson in London.

News in Brief
  1. 16. Aug, 12:40 Trump turned down: Greenland not for sale
  2. 15. Aug, 17:05 UK Libdems would back Clarke or Harman as new PM
  3. 15. Aug, 17:05 Six countries agree to take 'Open Arms' ship migrants
  4. 15. Aug, 17:03 Gibraltar judge: Iranian ship should be released
  5. 15. Aug, 09:04 Increasing fears of a global recession
  6. 15. Aug, 09:03 Far-right hate crimes on the rise in Germany
  7. 15. Aug, 09:03 EU steel tariffs have 'worked well' so far
  8. 15. Aug, 09:02 Italian court: Migrant rescue ship can enter Italian waters
Stakeholders' Highlights
  1. UNESDA UNESDA reduces added sugars 11.9% between 2015-2017
  2. International Partnership for Human Rights EU-Uzbekistan Human Rights Dialogue: EU to raise key fundamental rights issues
  3. Nordic Council of Ministers No evidence that social media are harmful to young people
  4. Nordic Council of Ministers Canada to host the joint Nordic cultural initiative 2021
  5. Vote for the EU Sutainable Energy Awards Cast your vote for your favourite EUSEW Award finalist. You choose the winner of 2019 Citizen’s Award.
  6. Nordic Council of Ministers Education gets refugees into work
  7. Counter Balance Sign the petition to help reform the EU’s Bank
  8. UNICEF Child rights organisations encourage candidates for EU elections to become Child Rights Champions
  9. UNESDA UNESDA Outlines 2019-2024 Aspirations: Sustainability, Responsibility, Competitiveness
  10. Counter Balance Record citizens’ input to EU bank’s consultation calls on EIB to abandon fossil fuels
  11. International Partnership for Human Rights Annual EU-Turkmenistan Human Rights Dialogue takes place in Ashgabat
  12. Nordic Council of Ministers New campaign: spot, capture and share Traces of North
Latest News
  1. 15. Aug, 17:06 Selmayr did not keep formal records of lobby meetings
  2. 14. Aug, 16:34 EU asked to solve migrant rescue deadlock
  3. 14. Aug, 16:20 Internal EU paper: Second Brexit vote was no longer 'distant dream'
  4. 14. Aug, 09:24 EU has 'zero incentive' to break open 'trilogue' deals
  5. 14. Aug, 09:16 Denmark plans import ban on EU-approved pesticide
  6. 12. Aug, 17:41 US offers Johnson helping hand on Brexit
  7. 12. Aug, 09:29 Italy: New government without Salvini in the making
  8. 9. Aug, 15:48 Brexit row delays financial products transparency review
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