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26th Mar 2019

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Ticker Swedish parties reach deal to rule without far-right

11. Jan, 18:20
Four months of political stalemate in Sweden ended on Friday when four parties, the Social Democrats, Greens, Liberals and the Centre party, agreed to back social democrat Stefan Loefven to continue as prime minister. Deadlocked since September elections the Centre Party and the Liberals were forced to break their alliance with the conservatives to get a new government that would not depend on votes from the far-right Sweden Democrat party.

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Romania presidency shatters EU line on Jerusalem Today, 09:33
Romania will move its embassy to Jerusalem, its prime minister has said, shattering the EU line on the Arab-Israeli conflict while the country holds the EU rotating presidency.

Magazine The Spitzen process - a coup that was never accepted Today, 07:29
It is a divisive 'Brussels bubble' debate: whether to give the European Parliament more of a say on who becomes the next European Commission president. But the issue goes right to the heart of European integration.

Opinion Russia and money laundering in Europe Today, 07:01
After Danske Bank, both the US and the EU need to abandon the principle in bank regulation that it is all right to be a crook as long as you are big.

Focus Italy takes China's new Silk Road to the heart of Europe 22. Mar, 17:58
While Italy's government signs memorandum to join China's Belt and Road Initiative, its traditional allies in Europe and the US are worried about its implications.

Analysis What EU leaders agreed on climate - and what they mean 22. Mar, 17:02
At EU summit in Brussels, EU leaders said it was important that the EU create a long-term climate action strategy - but refrained from going into details.

Agenda Copyright and (another) new Brexit vote This WEEK 22. Mar, 15:18
The UK parliament will likely hold a third vote on the Brexit withdrawal deal next week, determining the UK's departure from the bloc. In the meantime, the controversial copyright reform will be on the EU parliament's agenda.

News in Brief
  1. Today, 17:49 May admits 'not sufficient support' for third Brexit vote
  2. Today, 08:59 Orban vows more EU 'information campaigns'
  3. Today, 08:57 May 'effectively out of power', says Scottish leader
  4. Today, 08:55 May under pressure to resign over Brexit endgame
  5. Today, 08:52 Million march against Brexit, five million sign petition
  6. Today, 08:50 Italy first G7 country to sign China Belt and Road deal
  7. 22. Mar, 17:07 EU leaders at summit demand more effort on disinformation
  8. 22. Mar, 09:21 Report: Corbyn to meet May on Monday for Brexit talks
Stakeholders' Highlights
  1. Nordic Council of Ministers New campaign: spot, capture and share Traces of North
  2. Nordic Council of Ministers Leading Nordic candidates go head-to-head in EU election debate
  3. Nordic Council of Ministers New Secretary General: Nordic co-operation must benefit everybody
  4. Platform for Peace and Justice MEP Kati Piri: “Our red line on Turkey has been crossed”
  5. UNICEF 2018 deadliest year yet for children in Syria as war enters 9th year
  6. Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic commitment to driving global gender equality
  7. International Partnership for Human Rights Meet your defender: Rasul Jafarov leading human rights defender from Azerbaijan
  8. UNICEF UNICEF Hosts MEPs in Jordan Ahead of Brussels Conference on the Future of Syria
  9. Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic talks on parental leave at the UN
  10. International Partnership for Human Rights Trial of Chechen prisoner of conscience and human rights activist Oyub Titiev continues.
  11. Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic food policy inspires India to be a sustainable superpower
  12. Nordic Council of Ministers Milestone for Nordic-Baltic e-ID
Latest News
  1. Today, 09:33 Romania presidency shatters EU line on Jerusalem
  2. Today, 07:29 The Spitzen process - a coup that was never accepted
  3. Today, 07:01 Russia and money laundering in Europe
  4. 22. Mar, 17:58 Italy takes China's new Silk Road to the heart of Europe
  5. 22. Mar, 17:02 What EU leaders agreed on climate - and what they mean
  6. 22. Mar, 15:18 Copyright and (another) new Brexit vote This WEEK
  7. 22. Mar, 07:53 EU avoids Brexit crash, sets new date for 12 April
  8. 21. Mar, 17:52 Campaigning commissioners blur the lines
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