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30th Mar 2020

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Ticker Eight countries ask EU for more climate ambition
By EUobserver 

9. Oct 2019, 08:48
Eight European countries have signed a letter to the future climate commissioner Frans Timmermans calling him to raise the objective to reduce emissions from 40 percent to 55 percent by 2030, Deutsche Welle reports. The countries are France, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, and Luxembourg. They ask "the European green deal to drive the in-depth transformation and bold measures needed across all sectors of the economy."

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Agenda EU struggles to remain united This WEEK Today, 07:08
EU countries continue to wrestle with economic shock of pandemic and with sharing of medical resources, posing deep questions on solidarity in the bloc.

Interview How Europe coped with pandemic 100 years ago Today, 07:01
The 1918 flu pandemic "was just another thing to put up with" for people numbed by World War One - but there were also parallels with today, a British academic says.

Coronavirus Coronavirus crisis deepens, but solidarity booms Today, 07:01
Despite the horrific impact of the coronavirus on the EU's economy and daily life of its citizens, solidarity is spreading across communities in all member states - with offline and online initiatives.

Coronavirus Romania: Inside the EU's worst healthcare, as virus hits Today, 07:00
The country's lack of investment in the medical system, widespread corruption, politically-appointed hospital managers and staff shortages (as droves of doctors and nurses left to work in other European countries), severely weakened Romania's ability to deal with an emergency.

Opinion Pandemic is time to recognise gig economy workers' rights Today, 06:59
Millions of gig economy workers have been left abandoned by companies during the coronavirus outbreak. Workers have complained that gloves, masks or gel have not been made available to protect their health and safety in the course of their duties.

Letter EU doctors: bring refugees on Greek islands to safety 27. Mar, 15:11
As doctors in Europe, we call on the leaders of our governments and of the European Union to take immediate action to ensure the safety of refugees.

News in Brief
  1. Today, 15:49 Hungary's Orban wins rule-by-decree vote in parliament
  2. Today, 07:24 Bars and restaurants remain open in Sweden
  3. Today, 07:23 EU citizens in UK risk becoming illegal
  4. Today, 07:21 Solana: EU must do 'whatever it takes'
  5. Today, 07:20 Virus kills healthy 14-year old boy in Portugal
  6. 27. Mar, 15:32 UK health minister tests positive for coronavirus
  7. 27. Mar, 15:24 Orban: coronavirus exposes EU 'weaknesses'
  8. 27. Mar, 15:19 Court orders Netherlands to pay colonial victims
Stakeholders' Highlights
  1. UNESDA Making Europe’s Economy Circular – the time is now
  2. Nordic Council of Ministers Scottish parliament seeks closer collaboration with the Nordic Council
  3. UNESDA From Linear to Circular – check out UNESDA's new blog
  4. Nordic Council of Ministers 40 years of experience have proven its point: Sustainable financing actually works
  5. Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic and Baltic ministers paving the way for 5G in the region
  6. Nordic Council of Ministers Earmarked paternity leave – an effective way to change norms
Latest News
  1. Today, 07:08 EU struggles to remain united This WEEK
  2. Today, 07:01 How Europe coped with pandemic 100 years ago
  3. Today, 07:01 Coronavirus crisis deepens, but solidarity booms
  4. Today, 07:00 Romania: Inside the EU's worst healthcare, as virus hits
  5. Today, 06:59 Pandemic is time to recognise gig economy workers' rights
  6. 27. Mar, 15:11 EU doctors: bring refugees on Greek islands to safety
  7. 27. Mar, 07:26 Russia's top coronavirus 'fake news' stories
  8. 27. Mar, 07:06 WHO warning on lockdown mental health
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