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Faculty Directory Geosciences Department Office: 561-297-3250 Last Name First Name   E-Mail Phone Office Dr. Briggs  (Roberts) Tiffany   [email protected] 561-297-4669 SE 470 Dr. Comas Xavier   [email protected] 954-236-1569 SE 460 Dr. Fadiman Maria   [email protected] 561-297-3314 SE 454 Mr. Gammack-Clark James   [email protected] 561-297-0314 SE 412B Dr. Hindle Tobin   [email protected] 561-297-2846 SE 462 Dr. Ivy Russell   [email protected] 561-297-3295 SE 424 Dr. Liu Weibo   [email protected]     Dr. Markwith Scott   [email protected] 561-297-2102 SE 450 Dr. Oleinik Anton   [email protected] 561-297-3297 SE 464 Dr. Petuch Edward J.   [email protected] 561-297-2398 SE 453 Dr. Polsky Colin   [email protected] 954-236-1088 DW-312 Dr. Roberts Charles   [email protected] 561-297-3254 SE 250 Dr. Root Tara L.   [email protected] 561-297-3253 SE 452 Dr. Warburton David L.   [email protected] 561-297-3312 SE 466 Dr. Xie Zhixiao   [email protected] 561-297-2852 SE 456A Dr. Zhang Caiyun   [email protected] 561-297-2648 SE 488             Affiliate Research Faculty Dr. Appeldorn Richard   [email protected]     Dr. Banks Kenneth   [email protected]     Dr. Best G. Ronnie   [email protected]     Dr. Brandt Laura   [email protected]     Dr. Brinkman Robert   [email protected]     Dr. Chen Zhikang Ken   [email protected]     Dr. Cunningham Kevin J.   [email protected]     Dr. Duever Micheal   [email protected]     Dr. Ewe Sharon   [email protected]     Dr. Gleason Patrick   [email protected]     Dr. Hart Kristen   [email protected]     Dr. Iz H. Baki   [email protected]     Dr. Obeysekera Jayantha   [email protected]     Dr. Pathak Chandra   [email protected]     Dr. Rein Felicia   [email protected]     Dr. Romanach Stephanie   [email protected]                 Emeritus Professors Dr. Finkl Charles   [email protected]   SE 468 Dr. Lee David   [email protected]   SE 473 Dr. Schultz Ronald   [email protected]   SE 474  Dr. Berry  Leonard    [email protected]  561-799-8554  SE 414 Dr. Hanson Howard   [email protected]     Dr. Restrepo  Jorge I.    [email protected]    SE 418

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Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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