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Undergraduate Academic Advising Boca Raton Campus
ALL undergraduate academic advising for psychology students will be handled by the staff of the Student Services Office for the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. This advising will address the requirements for the major as well as for the other general graduation requirements that must be completed. The Student Services Office is located in the Science and Engineering Building (SE) in room 308. Students can arrange for an advising appointment with the staff in that office by navigating to the the Success Network tab on, then clicking on the Success Network icon.

Students needing further assistance can contact the office by telephone at 561-297-3700.

Psychology department faculty (on all campuses) are available to students for guidance in career choices, graduate training, research opportunities, information about specific sub-disciplines within the field, etc. Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to seek out a faculty mentor to complement the comprehensive academic planning that is offered via the College of Science's Student Services Office.

The Student Services advising on the Boca Raton campus is provided by Academic Advising and Services:

  • Mr. Reuben Ferguson 561-297-2272 Student Services Office, SE 308
  • Ms. Elissa Castillo 561-297-3319 Student Services Office, SE 308
  • Ms. Kim Paulus 561-297-4639 Student Services Office, SE 308
  • Ms. Carla Liranzo 561-297-4534 Student Services Office, SE 308
  • Ms. Erika Velarde 561-297-2625 Student Services Office, SE 308
  • Ms. Gina Fourreau (Johnson) 561-297-2625 Student Services Office SE 308
Other Campuses
Advising on the MacArthur campus in Jupiter is conducted by Academic Advising and Services at (561) 799-8697 or (561) 799-8698.

  • For questions regarding the Graduate program, please go to Graduate Programs
  • For questions regarding admissions to FAU, please go to Admissions

Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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