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FAU Pine Jog Fellowship Forms and Downloads What is the Pine Jog Fellowship? [Image: Fellowship Program]  
The Pine Jog Fellowship: Cultivating Community Involvement and Environmental Leadership is an innovative 3-semester program that aims to develop a cadre of young leaders who are knowledgeable about various environmental issues impacting South Florida and who understand the social, environmental and economic interrelationships that are critical to addressing such issues. After exploring the major environmental issues impacting South Florida, Fellows make a difference in their local community through environmental service learning and by serving as mentors to school-aged youth.

Course Overview [Image: Pine Jog Fellows]  
The program consists of a series of three Dual Enrollment coursed offered by FAU’s College of Education. The course sequence includes:

  • Survey of Current Environmental Issues through Service Learning
    EDG 4044
    During the summer semester, Fellows explore regional environmental issues through six full days of lectures and field experiences throughout Palm Beach County.

  • Civic Engagement through Environmental Service Learning
    EDG 4045
    In the Fall semester, Fellows work in pairs to design and implement their own environmental service learning projects and attend meetings once per month from 8am – 4pm at Pine Jog

  • Environmental Education Internship
    EDG 4940
    The Spring semester provides Fellows with the opportunity mentor local children in an after school setting through the design and implementation of their own service learning project. Fellows work with their youth group for 2 hours per week and attend meetings at Pine Jog once a month at Pine Jog from 9am - 12pm. Fellows can work alone or in pairs for this semester.
College Credit
  • Register for all 3 4000 level credit courses
  • Successful completion of each semester earns Fellows 3 credits (9 credits total)
How Do I Apply? Mail application
Kristi Moyer
Pine Jog Environmental Education Center
6301 Summit Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida, 33415

[Image: fau logo]  

Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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