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CON Home Research Support for Proposals and Grants
Support for Proposals and Grants
The Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship works closely with Faculty/Investigator by coordinating a timeline that facilitates the development, preparation and submission of an application to a funding agency.  Once an application is funded, the Office assists the study principal investigator in start-up and administering the grant. Office support services are described below.  We encourage you to contact us early in the development of ideas for a proposal submission.

ONRS Services Provided:

1. PreAward

The Office of Research pre-award staff facilitates submission of applications for funding, including application process, formatting, and procedures, so investigators may concentrate on writing well-developed scientific components of a research proposal. Well-qualified staff provides the following pre award services:

  • Assistance in identifying funding sources based on Faculty/Student research interest
  • BioStatistical Consultation: Pilot/Preliminary Data Analysis 
    • Problem definition and clarification of study hypotheses/aims/research questions 
    • Study and research design
    • Sample size and power calculation
    • Determination of appropriate statistical methodology
  • Assistance with grant proposal preparation
  • Assistance in developing, maintaining, and updating biosketches
  • Editing of grant proposal documents
  • Budget preparation
  • Pilot/Preliminary Data Analysis
  • Coordinate proposal Mock Reviews
  • Prepare final grant application documents and submit the application, including sign off by Florida Atlantic University Office of Sponsored Programs, and submission to the grant funding agency
  • Capture proposal data and track funding successes
2. IRB Process (Role of Office)

  • Assistance in developing pre-institutional review board (IRB) submission
  • Assistance in responding to IRB inquiries during the review process
  • Assistance in preparing the IRB application for continuing review or protocol amendments
  • Assistance in navigating required electronic online research training (e.g., Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 
  • Conducts CON quality assurance assessments and pre-IRB audit reviews 
3. Post Award

  • Preparation of funding organization reporting
  • Facilitate post award activities/reporting in consultation with the FAU Research Accounting Office
  • Assist in preparation of materials
  • Statistical Analysis and Consultation
    • Data monitoring
    • Measurement and interim analyses
    • Statistical data analyses
    • Interpretation and dissemination of the statistical results
4. Scholarship

  • Poster and Podium Preparation
  • Literature Searches
  • Manuscript Preparation
  • Editing of Manuscripts
  • Monthly Brownbag meetings: Special Topics (e.g., Conducting Your Own Data Analysis; Developing your NIH Biosketch) 
To contact the ONRS support staff, please go here.

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