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CON Home Faculty & Staff Administrative Support in the College of Nursing
Nancy Parent – Executive Secretary to the Dean
nparent@health.fau.edu,  561-297-2307
Responsibilities include:

  • Check out and maintain list of keys checked out to full-time faculty and staff
  • Maintain the faculty/staff card access list for Owl card entry into the building
  • Assist the Dean with faculty recruitment process
  • Maintain full-time faculty credentials in personnel files in the Dean’s office
  • Assist the Dean in submission of Faculty Promotion and Tenure Packets
  • Assist the Dean in the Annual Evaluation process for Administrative faculty
  • Prepare and submit telececommunication requests to order phones for new faculty offices, etc
  • Prepare and submit work orders to the Physical Plant
  • Prepare Dean’s travel arrangements
  • Assist Dean with full time faculty contract process
  • Maintain Dean’s appointment calendar
  • Assist Dean with planning/coordinating meetings and catered events
  • Assist Dean with building maintenance and repairs
  • Assist Dean with faculty and college annual surveys

Marilyn Rapaport – Student Services Receptionist – Boca Raton campus
mrapaport@health.fau.edu, 561-297-6261
Responsibilities include:

  • Student Services Receptionist
  • General office support for Program Advisors
  • Monitors Nursing e-mail account
  • Monitors Vera Smart phone invoices
  • Update phone lists
  • Make door signs for faculty offices/rooms

Colleen Alcantara-Slocombe – Castle Branch Custodian and Program Assistant
Responsibilities include:

  • Assist with the background check process for students & faculty
  • Ensure clinical faculty and adjuncts are up to date regarding their health records and immunizations, licenses, background checks, etc.
  • Maintain revisions of all forms  for Castle Branch
  • Order desk copies of books, business cards, name tags, office supplies for faculty and staff

Alison Heim – Coordinator of Administrative Services
aheim@health.fau.edu,  561-297-1110
Responsibilities include:

  • Send adjunct assignment letters out (fall and spring). Send faculty and adjunct assignment letters for summer.
  • Maintain adjunct files; follow up when items are needed
  • Process all non-grant travel requests and reimbursements other than pcard transactions (airfare and registration via p-card (corporate credit card must be done by a card holder)
  • Ensure clinical faculty and adjuncts are up to date regarding their health records and immunizations, licenses, background checks, etc
  • Manage scholarships; prepare Foundation award sheets; prepare letters to donors; notify financial aid of students requesting scholarships; review applications with scholarship committee
  • Manage preceptor contracts; liaison with preceptor and clinical sites; liaison with FAU attorney
  • Prepare tuition waivers for graduate studies
  • Assist with faculty travel
  • Request students apply semester to be TA’s; work with program directors to match students; collect and maintain timesheets for TA’s
  • College of Nursing Timekeeper
  • Prepare pre-award and manage various grants (HRSA, Novice Nurse Leadership, Palm Healthcare, etc)

Louisa Kelly – Business Manager
lkelly23@health.fau.edu,  561-297-3265
Responsibilities include

  • Prepare and monitor non-grant Budgets
  • Prepare membership renewals as needed
  • Process all FAU Foundation transactions: deposits, reimbursements and budgets
  • Approve all pcard transaction
  • Process non-grant requisitions (other than business cards) and check request reimbursements
  • Process and advise on all non-grant personnel and HR issues
  • Establish update and initiate searches for new staff positions
  • Receive and submit all Professional Liability Questionnaires
  • Maintain and update list of clinical faculty for SIP (Self Insurance Program)
  • Train and advise all College and Center staff of financial and personnel issues

Michelle Perkins – Coordinator for Academic Programs
mperkins@health.fau.edu , 561-297-3347
Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate all CON course and exam scheduling; liaison with the Registrar’s office
  • Schedule rooms in the CON building
  • Manage FAIR reports – both assignments and activities reports
  • Evaluate academic programs via focus groups and surveys
  • Update the website

Joanna Kentolall – Research Coordinator and Curator - Archives of Caring in Nursing
jkentolall@health.fau.edu , 561-297-2883
Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinates preparation of all sections of grant applications – as described in the unique guidelines for funding opportunities
  • Prepares final grant application sections (within the template guidelines) for electronic submission of grant applications
  • Conducts preliminary review and assists Faculty with IRB application process
  • Processes and prepares manuscript collections for archival and research use, in Archives of Caring in Nursing

Jen Carmona, Coordinator for the Nursing PhD program
carmonaj@health.fau.edu, 561-297-0006
Responsibilities include:

  • Coordination of the application and selection process for PhD applicants
  • Provides course advisement for PhD students in conjunction with the Associate Dean
  • Supports the dissemination of scholarly works by PhD students and maintains a database of PhD students’ scholarship
  • Conducts the initial review of IRB submissions for nursing PhD students and coordinates the application process

Kyle Bryan – Research Coordinator
kbryan1@health.fau.edu , 561-297-1204
Responsibilities include:

  • Consults with faculty in preparation of grant application budgets
  • Prepares pre-award grant applications
  • Assists with preparation of grant application budget justifications
  • Coordinates pre-award consultant and consortium letters
  • Reviews proposal narratives
  • Works with new faculty in managing negotiated start-up packages
  • Manages post-award grant expenditures and reporting activities
  • Post-award grant management related to: human resources, travel, purchasing, accounts payable, and payroll

Jony Singh – Director, Information Technology
jsingh@health.fau.edu,  561-297-2875
Responsibilities include:

  • Responds to all IT related requests (Hardware, Software, Security, Servers) for the College
  • Email support
  • HIPAA compliance and security implementation
  • VPN (Junos pulse) account support

Anastasia Leveille – Academic Program Coordinator for DNP Students
aleveille @health.fau.edu , 561-297-1109
Responsibilities include:
- Assist and inform students regarding the admissions process related to the BSN-DNP and DNP degree programs
- Assist with University procedures regarding registration, applications, and petitions
- Assist students by reviewing Plans of Study, Applications for Degree, Degree Requirements and other FAU and CON forms
-Assist students with registration permissions/overrides


Latchmin Harrilal – RN to BSN Program Assistant
lharrila@health.fau.edu ,561-297-3761
Responsibilities include:

  • Advise new and continuing students in the RN to BSN Track for Boca and Davie campuses
  • Assist with registration permissions/overrides
  • Review transcripts
  • Certify RN-BSN students for graduation

Javaris Hammond – Academic Coordinator (Freshmen Direct students)
hammondj @health.fau.edu,  561-297-4648
Responsibilities include:

  • Assist with university processes and procedures such as: grades changes, Incompletes, etc.           
  • Assist with registration permissions/overrides
  • Certify undergraduate students for graduation
  • Assist students interested in applying for the Freshmen Direct BSN programs
  • Advise students in the Freshmen Direct BSN programs

Regina Goncalves – Secretary to the Associate Deans
rgoncal@health.fau.edu ,  561-297-4832
Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain appointment calendars for the three Associate Deans: Dr. Dunphy, Dr. Edwards and Dr. Weglicki 
  • Prepare travel arrangements and reimbursements for the three Associate Deans
  • Meeting attendance and minutes recording for the Research Advisory Council and the Practice Advisory Council
  • Assists the Associate Deans in planning, organizing, logistics, and preparation of major meeting and events
Stacey Turner – Director of Development and Outreach
turners@health.fau.edu ,  561-297-4641
Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitates and manages charitable giving to the College from individuals, foundations and corporations

Carlos Poveda – Coordinator of Clinical Programs
cpoveda@health.fau.edu , 561-297-4593, 561-803-8880
Responsibilities include:

  • Grant management
  • Supervise outreach programs and initiatives
  • Develop, maintain and promote positive and professional relationships with community organizations
  • Perform other clinic related operational duties (Payer contracting, credentialing, etc.)

Shaunita Ervin – Research Coordinator for FAU Community Health Center
servin@health.fau.edu, 561-297-4701
Responsibilities include:

  • Evaluate expenditures to maintain compliance with sponsor, university, and any other guidelines.
  • Assist with financial tasks related to clinic operations, including invoice processing, materials acquisition and management, monthly billing and reconciliation reports.
  • Responsible for coordinating activities administered by the research program or service area and in the development and implementation of procedures for the program/service area.
  • Consult with Program Coordinator and Director to create proposal budgets, assist with the fund preparation, invoice submission and expenditure processing and tracking.

Memory and Wellness Center
Bertha Tappen – Budget Coordinator
btappen@health.fau.edu , 561-297-4067
Responsibilities include

  • Prepare and monitor non-grant Budgets
  • Prepare and monitor Grant Budgets
  • Assist the audit process for all Auxiliary and Grant accounts
  • Process FAU Foundation transactions: Budgets and Actual Reports
  • Assist in the financial process of all fundraising events
  • Establish update and initiate searches for new staff positions
  • Process and assist on all personnel and HR issues
  • Train and advise all staff of financial and personnel issues
  • Process all travel requests and reimbursements other than p-card transactions
  • Approved and process all p-card transactions
  • Process requisitions (other than business cards and office Supplies) and check request reimbursements
  • Receive and submit all Professional Liability Questionnaires
  • Maintain and update list of clinical faculty for SIP (Self Insurance Program)
  • Check out and maintain list of keys checked out to full-time faculty and staff

Glenda Connolly - Coordinator of Family Services
gconnol2@health.fau.edu , 561-297-2526
Responsibilities include:

  •  Provide Psychotherapy to patients
  • Coordinate family caregiver services
  • Supervise LCSW candidates
  • Supervise MSW interns

Michelle Cooper - Outreach Facilitator
pcoope12@health.fau.edu , 561-297-0933
Responsibilities include

  • Conduct interviews with family members and complete family evaluations
  • Conduct caregiver support groups
  • Assist with the coordination of Caregiver educational programs
  • Complete ADI grant reporting and assist with MWC outreach efforts

Ismo Hujanen - Project Assistant
ihujanen2014@health.fau.edu , 561-297-4847
Responsibilities include

  • Assist the Director with various projects as assigned such as managing the daily operations of a research study, grant project or clinical practice programs
  • Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled grant reports
  • Collect and assemble data for various research studies and grant projects
  • Act as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide continuity of care to patients throughout various stages of treatment on protocol and follow-up

Barbara Curtis - Day Center Manager
bcurtis2@health.fau.edu,  561-297-0870
Responsibilities include

  • Oversee the daily operations of the Adult Day Center.
  • Ensure compliance with all license and regulatory requirements.
  • Supervise all Day Center staff in the performance of their duties.
  • Work as a member of an interdisciplinary team at the Center.
  • Provide positive learning experience for students of the University who come to the Center.
  • Conduct promotional activities for the Center through provision of presentations and attendance at information fairs and networking events.
  • Respond to inquiries and referrals to facilitate Day Center enrollment process.
  • Develop policies and procedures for Day Center.
  • Monitor the Day Center expenditures and income expectations.
  • Assist with the general flow of all Day Center operations as needed.

Krista Landells - Assistant to the Manager
klandel1@health.fau.edu,  561-297-0103
Responsibilities include

  • Maintain accurate paper and electronic records of participant attendance.
  • Coordinate the monthly billing process and prepare related reports.
  • Prepare weekly staff work schedules and participant attendance sheets that include routine expectations and also incorporates changes that occur.
  • Recruit, register and orient volunteers for various Center needs.
  • Train and supervise lobby greeters, maintain work schedules, and make changes where necessary in order to ensure smooth operation of Day Center reception area.
  • Direct visitors and callers to the appropriate Center staff member.
  • Provide administrative and clerical support for the Adult Day Center in the development of data bases, creation of fliers, preparation of various correspondences.

Taylor Blake – Activity Coordinator
blaket@health.fau.edu,  561-297-4235
Responsibilities include

  • Plan and implement activities calendar for Adult Day Center.
  • Ensure staff and volunteer assistance in conducting participant activities.
  • Assist with enrollment of participants and coordination of Center support services. 
  • Maintain appropriate documentation for compliance with license and regulatory bodies.
  • Ensure safe and orderly flow of Day Center activity operations on a daily basis.
  • Oversee food service and activity supply levels in the Day Center.
  • Attend staff meetings and family conferences as scheduled.  
  • Provide personal care assistance and safety for participants. 

Belinda Murray – Day Center Nurse
bmurra14@health.fau.edu,  561-297-4380
Responsibilities include

  • Assess and evaluate health and medical conditions of Day Center participants and ensure delivery of care in conjunction with their needs.
  • Administer medications to Day Center participants following physician orders and within proper nursing guidelines.
  • Oversee medical and nursing students who come through the Center for training or clinical experiences.
  • Provide case management services for participants and caregivers.
  • In the absence of the Day Center Manager, oversee the daily operations of the Center, supervise staff and ensure compliance with license and regulatory requirements. 

Shari Sanzo – Activity Supervisor
ssanzo2@health.fau.edu ,   561-29 7-4235
Responsibilities include

  • Assist with and lead recreational and therapeutic activities in the Adult Day Center.
  • Encourage, assist, and supervise participant involvement in activities.
  • Assist in planning and implementation of Day Center activities.
  • Assist in receiving, tracking and serving meals and snacks for participants. 
  • Provide personal care assistance and safety for participants. 

Barbara Weinberg – Case Manager
bweinberg@health.fau.edu,  561-297-3591
Responsibilities include

  • Respond to inquiries and referrals to facilitate Day Center enrollment process.
  • Coordinate the completion of proper documentation for participant chart.
  • Assess and evaluate service needs of Day Center participants and their families.
  • Develops care plan specific to the needs of the participant and provide appropriate coordination and follow up services.
  • Provide ongoing case management services as needed for registered participants.
  • Document all case management actions in the participant chart and official records.
  • Facilitate caregiver education and support services as needed.
  • Provide families with referrals to community resources that meet their needs.  

Valerie Wilson – Activity Supervisor
vwilso12@health.fau.edu,  561-297-4235
Responsibilities include

  • Assist with and lead recreational and therapeutic activities in the Adult Day Center.
  • Encourage, assist, and supervise participant involvement in activities.
  • Assist in planning and implementation of Day Center activities.
  • Assist in receiving, tracking and serving meals and snacks for participants. 
  • Provide personal care assistance and safety for participants. 

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