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International Visitors Policy for International Visitors
Florida Atlantic University's Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing values collegial work with scholars from other parts of the US and the world. We believe that this diversity of thinking can advance caring knowledge, the discipline of nursing and our joint goals for improving health and quality of life for all. Based on these values we encourage visitors to the College of Nursing.

The purpose of national and international visits to Florida Atlantic University's Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing are for the Visiting Scholar, Visiting Professor, Postdoctoral Fellow, or Visiting Student to meet and study with College of Nursing faculty regarding topics in caring and nursing.

It is the policy of the College of Nursing to provide the resources necessary to host short- and long-term national and international visitors to the School of Nursing. There are reasonable expenses associated with these visits and the building of a program to sustain national/international visitors.

The Academic Programs Coordinator at the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing schedules international and some national visits to the College of Nursing. Depending on the nature and length of a visit, appropriate charges to cover expenses are assessed.

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