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Nurses Workgroup

Nurses play a key role in the Health Care Without Harm campaign. As frontline health care workers, nurses have a unique role as champions within health care facilities, creating positive environmental change from the inside.

The HCWH Nurses Workgroup represents a community of nurses who are dedicated to implementing environmentally responsible practices in their hospitals. The workgroup has designed a Nurses Welcome Kit with more information about how to get involved. For updates from the workgroup, please see the minutes of monthly conference calls. The additional resources on this page may be helpful as you continue your work as an environmental health advocate.

Nurses As Environmental Health Advocates
The Luminary Project: Nurses Lighting the Way to Environmental Health is an effort to capture the illuminating stories of nurses' activities to improve human health by improving the health of the environment. The shining stories on this website show how nurses are creatively and strategically addressing environmental problems and illuminating the way towards safe hospitals, communities with clean air, land and water and children born without toxic chemicals in their bodies.  

The Luminary Project is the collaboration of the Nurses Workgroup of Health Care Without Harm and the nurses and nursing organizations who are the Guiding Lights and Beacons for this Project. 



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