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Get Involved

Whether you work in a hospital food service or are a clinician or other health professional you can take action to support healthy and sustainable food. Advocating for public policy, supporting hospital foodservice operations in making a public commitment to Healthy Food in Health Care, and building sustainable foodservice operations are great ways to get involved.



Take Action on Public Policy
Make your voice heard on public policy to build a healthy and sustainable food system by participating in our current Action Opportunities. Health professionals can leverage their knowledge about and commitment to protecting public health and influence elected officials to support sustainable food policies through sign-on letters, testimonials, and legislative visits. Stay tuned for more information on Action Opportunities! 

Sign the Pledge
The Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge, launched in spring 2006, is a framework that outlines steps to be taken by the healthcare industry to improve the health of patients, communities, and the environment.

Attend an Event
HFHC holds regional, national, and virtual forums and events to educate and inspire change. Check back on this page or subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming event details.

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