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Faces of New England

The 20 farm and food businesses of our Faces by New England program come from all corners of the region - from northern Maine to Providence, Rhode Island. They represent new entrepreneurs and multi-generation family farms. They offer fresh produce, tofu, vegetable oil, poultry, beef, beans, and many other products that you likely use every day. Meet them all:

[Image: tortillas]  All Souls Tortilleria

Description of the business: At All Souls Tortilleria, we make organic, additive-free, whole grain corn tortillas. We use traditional methods to prepare the corn; by stone-grinding the kernels we are able to create the freshest products possible. We work with farmers in the region to source heirloom corn varieties that give our tortillas a distinct flavor and texture. These are wholesome, nutritious, and simple products that are a great addition to any food service menu.

Products available for healthcare: Soft White and Hearty Heirloom tortillas are available by the case. Each type of tortilla is available in three different sizes - 4", 5", and 6". They are all certified organic and are naturally gluten and GMO free.

Distribution: Black River Produce, Intervale Center, Farmers to You. Self-delivery is also available.

Minimum order: None; there is a delivery fee for orders under three cases outside of Vermont.

Delivery range: Most of New England, parts of New York

Food Service Management Approval: Sodexo

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and lable claims: USDA Certified Organic

Ordering information: Email at [email protected] or call (802) 325-2144

[Image: sause]  Commonwealth Kitchen

Description of the business: Commonwealth Kitchen is an urban food manufacturing facility located in Dorchester, MA. We are a non-profit organization that runs a contract food manufacturing operation and shared kitchen space in order to support the creation of high-quality jobs and the growth of businesses owned by individuals who are impacted by social, racial, and economic injustice.

Products available for healthcare: Apple sauce (frozen), mashed butternut squash (frozen), butternut squash soup (frozen), crushed tomatoes (shelf stable), marinara sauce (shelf stable), pizza sauce (shelf stable), basil pesto (frozen), garlic scape pesto (frozen), arugula pesto (frozen), kale pesto (frozen), churros (fried and frozen), diced potatoes (par-cooked and frozen), hummus

Distribution: To be arranged based on facility needs

Minimum order: Depends on the product

Delivery range: Greater Boston-area

Food Service Management Approval: Bon Appetit

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: None

Ordering information: Please contact [email protected]

[Image: veg]  Deep Root Organic Cooperative

Description of the business: Deep Root is a collective of 26 farms in Vermont and southern Quebec. We have been supplying our customers in New England with organic produce since 1985. We approach our work with a focus on quality, consistency, and a love for healthy food.

Products available for healthcare: 100 varieties of produce available seasonally, 12 months per year

Distribution: Black River Produce, Albert’s Organics, and Upper Valley Produce

Minimum order: None

Delivery range: All of New England through distributors

Food Service Management Approval: None

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: USDA Certified Organic

Ordering information: Please contact our distributors or reach out to us directly at (802) 730-8126

 [Image: soy milk]  Heiwa Tofu

Description of the business: Heiwa Tofu makes certified organic tofu and soymilk using organic, non-GMO soybeans from New England farms. We believe that a local, plant-based diet is one way to a more peaceful planet. Heiwa means 'peace' in Japanese and we've come to think of Heiwa Tofu as 'peace on a plate.' Our tofu is an excellent source of high quality, plant-based protein. It has an incredible texture unlike any other tofu on the market. It's firm, yet moist, smooth and tender.

Products available for healthcare: 2x6# food service case (two vacuum packaged bags per case each with 6 approximately 16oz blocks), 12x1# food service (12 vacuum packaged blocks at 16oz each)

Distribution: Crown of Maine Cooperative, Dennis Paper, Native Maine Produce, Dole and Bailey, Specialty Foods Boston, Farm Fresh Rhode Island, Unity Food Hub, Associated Buyers

Minimum order: None

Delivery range: Our distribution range includes all of New England as well as New York State, east of Albany.

Food Service Management Approval: Sodexo, Bon Appetit

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: USDA Certified Organic

Ordering information: Please contact Heiwa Tofu or any of our distributors. Heiwa Tofu: (207) 505-0797 or [email protected]

[Image: salad]  Jericho Settlers Farm

Description of the business: Jericho Settlers Farm produces vegetables, herbs and meat year round. We have 25 acres in organic vegetables and herbs. The other 150 acres are used for rotational grazing for our sheep, pigs and poultry. In addition we manage an acre of hoophouses and greenhouses, which extend our production season. We are proud to serve our customers good food, year round, delivering 52 weeks of the year.

Products available for healthcare: Greens (mesclun, arugula, baby spinach, lettuce mix, kale, chard, head lettuce, and baby pac choi), Root vegetables (radishes, salad turnips, carrots, beets, parsnips, and turnips), Herbs (cilantro, parsley, and basil), Other vegetables (tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, fennel, scallions, and red and green cabbage)

Distribution: Black River Produce and Deep Root Organic Cooperative

Minimum order: $100

Delivery range: We deliver in the Burlington area and offer regional distribution through Black River Produce.

Food Service Management Approval: None

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: USDA Certified Organic

Ordering information: Please contact Christa Alexander at  [email protected] or 802-338-8134 

[Image: potatoes]  Lakeside Family Farm, LLC

Description of the business: Lakeside and its colleague partners in the Maine Farmers Food Hub grow 30+ kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables on farms throughout Maine - everything from the usual summer and winter squash and potatoes to chards, kale, cranberries, apples, carrots, beans, etc. We are a diverse group of farmers, large and small, organic and sustainable. We are all Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certified and deeply committed to food safety. We are also committed to high quality products and service. We all believe that we can and should be selling more foods locally and that doing so is good for us, for our customers, and for our communities.

Products available for healthcare: Range of 30+ fruits and vegetables seasonally; some crops from storage into winter months; some minimally processed products, e.g., peeled carrots.

Distribution: Sysco, Performance Food Group, Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative, Growing Concern. Self-delivery is also available.

Minimum order: None

Delivery range: Maine (though very limited north of Dexter), some parts of coastal New Hampshire, and the Boston area

Food Service Management Approval: Sodexo

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: Some products are certified organic, Global Animal Partnership

Ordering information: Contact Sarah Redfield, 207-752-1721, [email protected]

[Image: Chicken]  Maple Wind Farm

Description of the business: Maple Wind Farm is a pasture-based livestock and organic vegetable operation. We have a USDA poultry processing plant on site. Our poultry and pigs get fed high quality non-GMO grain and our beef are 100% grass fed and finished and we never use antibiotics or growth hormones. Our system prioritizes soil and environmental health for all creatures, including the health of the customers who eat our products.

Products available for healthcare: Pasture-raised poultry and pork, 100%Grass-fed and finished beef and certified organic vegetables

Distribution: Black River Produce, Deep Root Organic Cooperative and Upper Valley Product depending on location. Self-delivery is also available within our area.

Minimum order: $100

Delivery range: We deliver in the Burlington/Montpelier area and offer regional distribution through other distributors.

Food Service Management Approval: None

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: USDA Processor and VOF Certified Organic

Ordering information: Please contact Beth Whiting at [email protected]

[Image: beet]  Micro Mama’s

Description of the business: Micro Mama’s makes certified organic living probiotic fermented vegetables from locally grown vegetables.  All products are 100% certified organic, vegan, raw, local, GF, and are classified as "major allergen free".  Micro Mama’s is proudly the only commercial fermenter in the northeast who does not ferment in plastics, producing the highest quality, clean, artisan ferments using medicinal production standard.   

Website: www.micromamas.com and free downloadable app at Apple App Store & Google Play: Micro Mama’s Brochure 

Products available for healthcare:

Five different (pickled) fermented veggie blends to choose from. Easy to use and eat condiments that pair with nearly everything. Zesty Ruby Red (beets blend), Silly Dilly Carrot (carrot blend), Mama’s Kraut (sauerkraut with orange, ginger, and turmeric), and mild & spicy kimchi.  

We recently added PRO Juice: 100% pure (no water) vegetable concentrate of the 5 blends listed above. Our juice is a great alternative for patients who cannot eat solid foods because of medical conditions. Tufts University verified up to 293 million lactic acid bacterias per 1 oz serving.  

Distribution:  Direct delivery & Black River Produce (order directly from Micro Mama’s) 

Minimum order: $150

Delivery range: 125 miles from Weare, NH

Food Service Management Approval: None

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims:  USDA Certified Organic, NH Licensed Processing Facility DHHS, NH Licensed Beverage & Bottling Facility DHHS 

Ordering information: Email [email protected] or call 603-785-4517

[Image: pig]  Miles Smith Farm

Description of the business: We sell beef, pork, and lamb which is raised without antibiotics and added hormones on our farm or on other local farms who follow our Humane Handling Standards

Products available for healthcare: Ground beef, primals including roasts, pastured pork and lamb

Distribution: Self-delivery is available

Minimum order: Yes. The minimum order depends on the institution location but will be about $500 per week.

Delivery range: 150 miles from Loudon, NH

Food Service Management Approval: None

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: None

Ordering information: Please contact [email protected]. Once confirmed purchasers will have access to our wholesale web page.

[Image: beef]  Misty Brook Farm

Description of the business: Misty Brook is a certified organic livestock farm that focuses animal health and wellbeing. Our animals are born and raised on our farm and our beef is 100% grass-fed. Through rotational grazing we grow sweet grass, high quality beef, and sequester carbon.

Website: mistybrook.com

Products available for healthcare: Ground beef, stew, trim, short ribs, steaks, smoked jerky sticks, salami

Distribution: Self-delivery is available

Minimum order: None

Delivery range: Within the state of Maine, however we would be open to delivering out of state for larger orders.

Food Service Management Approval: None

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: USDA Certified Organic, 100% grass-fed beef

Ordering information: Please contact Katia Holmes via phone (207) 437-4719 or email [email protected]

[Image: mushroom]  Mousam Valley Mushrooms by Farming Fungi LLC

Description of the business: We cultivate organic mushrooms on Maine hardwood and straw, sourced sustainably from the very woods and fields in which we forage.  We make sure our mushrooms are always delicious and nutritious.  They are grown naturally and safely in an ideal controlled clean environment with plenty of nutrients ensuring each variety has exceptional taste and texture. Our kitchen grade varieties are perfect for institutions, providing larger quantities of our gourmet mushrooms at a fraction of the cost.

Products available for healthcare: Baby shiitake, large shiitake, italian oysters, butter oysters, lion’s mane, kitchen grade oysters, and kitchen grade shiitake

Distribution: Sysco, Native Maine, Dole & Bailey. Self-delivery is also available.

Minimum order: None

Delivery range: Connecticut to Maine, within 300 miles of Springvale.

Food Service Management Approval: Sodexo

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: USDA Certified Organic

Ordering information: Please contact Emily Sharood at [email protected] or call 207-457-6007

[Image: peas]  Red Fire Farm

Description of the business: With over 28 years in organic vegetable farming and 17 years as Red Fire Farm, we have honed our growing techniques and taste-tested and selected the best varieties for local growing. We offer super-flavorful fresh produce in a wide variety with an especially diverse selection of lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and winter squash, among many other crops. Feeding our community with highly nutritious, sustainably-raised food for all four seasons is our mission. We extend the season on crops to have things earlier and later. Geothermal storage chambers allow us to preserve the fall harvest and provide produce year round. We grow for our own retail, many local wholesale accounts, as well as year-round supply as the partner farm for Wegman's supermarkets in Massachusetts. Our farm works closely with wholesale partners and we are glad to assist in marketing materials for sharing the story of how the food comes to your tables.

Products available for healthcare: Produce

Distribution: Our products are self-distributed

Minimum order: Order minimum is based on the delivery distance.

Delivery range: We deliver on routes to the Pioneer Valley, Worcester and the greater Boston area of Massachusetts. For locations outside our normal routing, we can determine delivery costs and plan based on order size.

Food Service Management Approval: Bon Appetit

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: USDA Certified Organic

Ordering information: Please contact us at [email protected] or (413) 467-7645 to find out more about what we have currently available and how to set up as a new customer.

Red Tomato

Description of the business: Since 1997 Red Tomato has been working to build a sustainable, regional food system. Red Tomato coordinates with a network of mid-sized farmers through the Northeast to bring you the freshest, best tasting produce our region has to offer. We work to coordinate the logistics and marketing the farms in our network so they can do what they do best; grow the best produce possible! As a non-profit rooted in fair trade we strive to bring fairness, transparency, and sustainability to every aspect of the way we do business. From stewardship of the earth, equitable and safe treatment of farmers and workers, wide access to affordable and healthy food, and the financial well being of the farms in our network - together, we are righteous produce!

Products available for healthcare: From apples to zucchini we offer over 200 different items from the Northeast throughout the season. Don't see what you need? Let us know - our talented growers are always happy to try new products.

Distribution: Performance Food Group. Self-delivery is also available.

Minimum order: We deliver Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday June through November. We have a 10 case minimum. For certain locations we can deliver local apples and squash year round.

Delivery range: We can easily deliver to locations within [x miles/along] I-495, other locations require a quick check with our logistics department to confirm!

Food Service Management Approval: Food Buy (Chartwells, Bon Appetit)

GPO Approval: Food Buy

Sustainability certifications and label claims: USDA Certified Organic; we also market EcoApple and EcoPeach, a local sustainable alternative to west coast organic.

Ordering information: Providers should contact Rozie at (508) 316-3494 or e-mail [email protected]. Once set-up, customers are encouraged to order through our online system. This allows for customers to easily see recent purchases and invoices.

[Image: mushrooms2]  Rhode Island Mushroom Company

Description of the business: Rhode Island Mushroom Company is the largest mushroom grower and distributor in the northeast. We take pride in the quality of our product and are committed to a local, sustainable, farm-to-table ethos.

Products available for healthcare: Wide variety of mushrooms from white buttons to truffles

Distribution: Baldor, Dole & Bailey, Boston Specialty Foods, Albert’s Organics

Minimum order: Dependent on location

Delivery range: All of New England through distributors

Food Service Management Approval: Bon Appetit

GPO Approval: None 

Sustainability certifications and label claims: USDA Certified Organic products available

Ordering information: Call 401-250-3999 or email [email protected]

[Image: fish]  Second’s First, LLC

Description of the business: Second’s First sources local under-utilized fish species and imperfect vegetables to make nutritious, delicious, and affordable fishcakes. The fishcakes are high in protein, gluten-free and have no additives or fillers.

Products available for healthcare: Fishcakes

Distribution: Farm Fresh RI

Minimum order: One case

Delivery range: Rhode Island and the Boston-area

Food Service Management Approval: None

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: None

Ordering information: Please order online through Farm Fresh RI Market Mobile http://www.farmfresh.org/hub/

[Image: cheese]  Three River Farmers Alliance

Description of the business: Three River Farmers Alliance is a network of farms and local producers, working cooperatively in the Seacoast of New Hampshire to market, aggregate and distribute locally produced food. Our online marketplace provides a "one-stop shop" for ordering fresh, healthy, local food, from a variety of farms and local producers. We are currently supplying fresh, local food to restaurants, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, universities, and more. We offer an extensive selection of locally grown, seasonally available products with a convenient year-round, weekly delivery service.

Products available for healthcare: Seasonal produce, naturally-raised Meats, artisanal cheeses, local seafood, fresh herbs and spice blends

Distribution: Self-delivery is available

Minimum order: None

Delivery range: 

Wednesday: Seacoast, NH (Exeter, Seabrook, Hampton, North Hampton, Rye, Portsmouth, Kittery, South Berwick, Rollinsford, Rochester, Dover, Durham, Newmarket, Newfields)

Thursday: Manchester area/north shore: (Epping, Raymond, Hooksett, Concord, Bedford, Nashua, Salem, Newburyport, Amesbury)

We also have many different options for shipping product to Boston/greater Boston area via What Cheer Fruit and Produce or Contoocook Creamery, so we could definitely work with Boston Customers - our existing customers in the Boston area are in Somerville and Needham.

Food Service Management Approval: Unidine

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: Some USDA Certified Organic, some meat raised without antibiotics

Ordering information: Call Erin at (734) 972-0940 or place an order on our online marketplace or mobile app.

[Image: beans]  Vermont Bean Crafters

Description of the business: Vermont Bean Crafters exists to joyfully serve our community local, organic and plant-based foods in manners that are accessible, durable, and realize a triple bottom line. We take local, organic vegetables, herbs, heirloom beans, and grains and turn them into soulful variations of whole food plant-based products. Our products are almost entirely gluten-free and all GMO-free. The touchstone of our business is making value-added products for wholesale markets.  Bringing nourishing whole foods to the public in easily prepared meal components.  

Products available for healthcare: Bean burgers, falafel, bean spreads, vegan cookie batter, cooked beans, and dry beans

Distribution: Black River Produce. Self-delivery is also available.

Minimum order: None

Delivery range: New England

Food Service Management Approval: Sodexo, Aramark

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: Some products are USDA Certified Organic. All products are gluten-free and nut-free.

Ordering information: Please contact [email protected] or order through Black River Produce.

[Image: cabbage]  Vermont Food Venture Center/Center for Agricultural Economy

Description of the business: The Just Cut product line offers minimally processed produce sourced from local farmers.  We help institutional purchasers save on the labor required to process and orchestrate local product supply.  By offering ready to use, locally sourced product in wholesale quantities we are able to help food service operations more easily meet their local sourcing goals.

Products available for healthcare: Diced and peeled root vegetables, cabbage, and kohlrabi

Distribution: Upper Valley Produce, Black River Produce, Green Mountain Farm Direct, D&S Distributors, VT Roots, and Intervale Food Hub

Minimum order: Varies, determined by distributor

Delivery range: Currently distributed within the state of Vermont, however, we are interested in expanding beyond state lines.

Food Service Management Approval: None

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: None

Ordering information: Please contact [email protected]

[Image: cow]  Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery

Description of the business: We are a fifth generation dairy farm that processes its milk on site. As a producer-handler we have complete control over our cows, which results in high-quality milk that gets processed quickly. Our milk never travels off farm until it is packaged and part of the cold chain. We work hard to give our cows the best care. We only use antibiotics to treat illness and milk from those animals is kept separate until testing confirms there are no traces of antibiotics left.

Products available for healthcare: Whole milk, 2% milk, skim milk, flavored milk: coffee, chocolate, and strawberry

Distribution: Farm Fresh RI. Self-delivery is also available.

Minimum order: $50

Delivery range: Across Rhode Island

Food Service Management Approval: None

GPO Approval: None

Sustainability certifications and label claims: F.A.R.M. certified

Ordering information: Please contact us at 401-767-3014

Image credits for icons: Freepik, Madebyoliver, and Nikita Golubev/Flaticon

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