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Global Reach, Enduring Change: HCWH Releases Its 2014 Impact Report
News  posted by HCWH US and Canada Team  on September 8, 2015  

We cannot have healthy people on a sick planet. Relying on fossil fuels, toxic chemicals, and industrial agriculture, our consumption-driven development is damaging the environment, harming human health, and challenging the Earth’s ability to sustain life. 

At Health Care Without Harm, our mission is to move the health care sector upstream—without compromising patient safety or care—so  that it becomes ecologically sustainable and a leading advocate for  environmental health and justice.

We began in 1996 as a coalition of 28 hospitals coming together to tackle harmful emissions caused by medical waste incineration. Since our launch 19 years ago, we have grown to a network of thousands of hospitals and health partners in more than 50 countries worldwide. 

Working through our four regional offices, our Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network, Practice Greenhealth, the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, and with a range of partners worldwide, we made significant strides in four key focus areas in 2014: Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Climate, Safer Chemicals, and Healthy and Sustainable Food.

Read our 2014 Impact Report (PDF) 
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