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Our Partners

Today, HCWH is the leading civil society organization working globally on climate and health issues. Our partnerships are vital to the way we work: in coalition with diverse stakeholders, informed by local conditions and opportunities, and driven by local ingenuity.  

HCWH Offices and Strategic Partners on Six Continents
Leading all of our climate work are our three Health Care Without Harm entities in the United States (Reston and Boston); Europe (Brussels); and South East Asia (Philippines), our Global Team of staff around the world, and our formal partner organizations in Australia (Climate and Health Alliance of Australia), Brazil (Projeto Hospitais Saudaveis), China (Rock Environment and Energy Institute), India (Public Health Foundation of India, Centre for Chronic Disease Control and Community Environmental Monitoring), Nepal (Health Care Foundation of Nepal), and South Africa (groundWork). 

Additionally, Key HCWH Partners on Climate Change and Health Include:
  • China National Health Development Research Center a branch of the National Health  and Family Planning Commission, which has signed a 5 year MOU with HCWH to foster  climate-smart health care in China.  
  • The U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, which has worked closely  with HCWH to develop a climate resilience toolkit for US hospitals.  
  • The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which leads a ten-agency UN initiative, and has developed a four-year, ten country collaborative project with HCWH, all  for sustainable, low-carbon purchasing in the health sector. 
  • The World Bank, which, in a collaboration with HCWH, has established a climate-smart  healthcare framework for its own health initiatives, as well as to influence ministries of  health and other development agencies.  
  • The World Health Organization and its regional entities, which HCWH has collaborated with since 2010 to integrate health care carbon footprint mitigation into their  approach to climate and health.  
  • The State of California and HCWH are building a partnership to integrate health care into  the state’s climate strategy, along with its international partnerships with other  jurisdictions around the world through the Under2 Coalition. 
  • International Health Federations including the World Federation of Public Health  Associations, the World Medical Association, and the International Council of Nurses have  all worked closely with HCWH and our partners on climate change, as have many of their  national affiliate organizations in countries such as the United States, India, South Africa  and Australia. 

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