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Healthcare Waste Treatment Technologies Database

To facilitate the use of non-incineration technologies, and help staff responsible for procuring healthcare waste treatment technologies to identify alternatives to incinerators, HCWH has published a Global Database of Healthcare Waste Treatment Technologies.

The Database provides listings of suppliers from around the world of the most widely applied technologies, such as autoclaves, different steam and heat based technologies, and chemical based technologies which can safely destroy pathological wastes and laboratory cultures.

It also includes new categories such as needle or syringe destroyers, which can prevent many of the needlestick injuries which happen during the disposal of syringes.

Information about each vendor includes contact details, countries where equipment is supplied, its operating capacity, and links to manufacturers’ websites. Users can search by company name, technology, country, operating capacity and other parameters.

Users can search by company name, technology, country, operating capacity and other parameters. The Database can be found online at www.medwastetech.info

Manufacturers are invited to send new information about non-incineration technologies that they supply and update existing information. A contact form can be found on the website: www.medwastetech.info/contact-us

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