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HCWH Europe Member Placement Programme

Established in 2019, the HCWH Europe member placement programme helps strengthen our relationships with our members and further develop the team’s knowledge and understanding of contemporary environmental issues affecting members as well as learning more about the strategies developed in response.

If you are a HCWH Europe member and would like to participate in the programme by inviting a member of the team to visit you and learn more about your sustainability work, please contact Aidan Long, Associate Director Engagement & Partnerships: [email protected].

 Blog series | Lessons in sustainable healthcare 
By participating in the Member Placement Programme, not only can you share your challenges and success with us directly, but HCWH Europe can help introduce your work to a large audience, across Europe and beyond, in our series of blog posts from the team summing up their observations and experiences during their time spent with you. 

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