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Sustainable and Healthy Food in Healthcare workshop report now available
News  posted by aidan.long  on January 31, 2017  

As part of CleanMed Europe 2016 - Europe’s leading conference on sustainable healthcare, on Tuesday 18th October, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe organised a workshop entitled Sustainable and Healthy Food in Healthcare. The report from the workshop is now available here.

The workshop was hosted by Gentofte Hospital in Copenhagen, a very progressive hospital in procurement of fresh, seasonal, and organic food, and food waste management and reduction.

The day’s events started with a delicious and organic meal for all participants at the hospital sta canteen. In addition to cold and hot dishes and to a salad bar, homemade rye bread, fruit and tap water is also available.

 After lunch, HCWH Europe’s Deputy Director, Grazia Cioci, presented HCWH Europe’s work on sustainable food in the past few years, and the more recent work on food waste prevention and reduction strategies through a survey of European hospitals prioritising sustainable and healthy food policies.

Over 30 experts from hospitals, academia, non-profit organisations, and municipalities gathered at Gentofte Hospital to share their best practices and experiences from their countries on the two main topics of the workshop: sustainable and healthy food and food waste.

Food in public institutions, particularly in hospitals, should be seen as a pleasant experience, however, there are still many challenges in providing sustainable and tasty food in hospitals. Therefore, opportunities for the healthcare sector to improve food served in healthcare facilities were discussed throughout the workshop and recommendations were sought.

Read the report here 

 Welcome - Grazia Cioci, Health Care Without Harm Europe 



  Aiming Towards Sustainable Patient Food at Karolinska University Hospital - Katarina Ask, Environmental Controller & Catarina Offe, Expert and Senior Advicer for patient food services




 More organic produce but the same budget - how? - Nina J. Spaabæk, Gentofte Hospital


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