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Support the cause. Every bit counts. 
We need your support to transform the health care sector into a healing place for the people, the environment, and the planet.

By making a donation, you and HCWH-Asia will be working together towards a health care system that does not compromise the safety of patients and the health care workers.  Your donation will support campaigns that promote ecologically-sustainable health systems. In other words: a health system that is true to its vision of healing. 

Send checks or cash payable to Bank of the Philippine Islands 

Dollar Account: 1994-0545-85

Peso Account: 1991-0075-35

We are also happy to accept in-kind donations. For more info, please call Joyce Lanuza at (+632)9287572 or (+632)9262649. 

Donate and wear your heart on your sleeve. Donate USD 25 or more today and choose from any of our campaign shirts.

However you choose to give makes a difference!

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