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College of Medicine / About / Administrative Offices

Administrative Offices
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Office of the Dean
Diane Buss
Administrative Specialist
(561) 297-4574

Mari Youngman
Assistant to the Dean and Administrative Coordinator
(561) 297-4341

Deborah Roski
Senior Director of Administration
(561) 297-2142

Anatomical Programs
Sandra Albrecht
Coordinator of Anatomical Programs
(561) 297-0706  

Business Operations
Steven Bender
Senior Director of Business Operations
(561) 297-4814

Carrie Ann Perez
Director of Academic and Research Support
(561) 297-4121
College web site, newsletters, marketing, advertising

Departments Biomedical Science
Sara Greene
Assistant to the Chair of Biomedical Sciences and Administrative Assistant
(561) 297-2984

Integrated Medical Science
Stephanie Gabrielsen
Assistant to the Associate Chair of the Integrated Medical Science and Administrative Specialist
(561) 297-0022

Hillary Cohen
Coordinator of the Department of Surgery
(561) 297-2216

Development and Events
Yael Matan
Development and Special Events Coordinator

Diversity and Inclusion
Nirmala Prakash, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusion
(561) 297-4393

Emergency Medicine Residency
Colleen Mayer, C-TAGME
Academic Program Manager
(561)-737-7733 ext 87410

Debbie Bradley
Assistant Director of Facilities Operations
(561) 297-2503

John Gabrielsen
Facilities Program Assistant
(561) 297-4079

Faculty Affairs
Sarah Herrero
Coordinator of Faculty and Staff Affairs
(561) 297-3938

Elizabeth Swerdloff
Assistant Dean for Finance
(561) 297-2723

Jaclyn DeAquino
Associate Director of Budget and Finance
(561) 297-1206

General Counsel
Audra K. Lazarus
Senior University Counsel of Health Affairs
(561) 297-3007

Graduate Medical Education
Kimberly Creamer
Interim Coordinator of Graduate Medical Education
(561) 297-4533

Information Technology
Wies Rafi
Assistant Dean, Health Information Technology 
(561) 297-4627

Christopher Kerlin
Assistant Director of Web Applications 
(561) 297-4755

Kirk Main
Coordinator, Information Technology
(561) 297-2017

Raphael Lima
Coordinator, Information Technology
(561) 297-2017

Marcelle Gornitsky
LMS Administrator
(561) 297-4451 

Christine Clevenger
Coordinator, Educational Technology
(561) 297-4451  

Internal Medicine Residency
Julie Sivigny
Internal Medicine Residency Program Coordinator
(561) 955-5365

Ana Bastias
Program Specialist
(561) 955-5365

Michelle Lordi
Academic Program Specialist
(561) 955-5365

Graduate Programs           
Bridget Statler
Coordinator of Graduate Programs
(561) 297-4549

Medical Education Admissions
Monica D. Lopez
Director of Admissions/Registration 
(561) 297-4252

Agnes Santore
Student Affairs and Admissions Specialist
(561) 297-2202

Medical Education Curriculum/Programs
Mavis Brown
Director of Medical Education
(561) 297-0899

Post-Baccalaureate Programs    
Mark Goldstein
Senior Director of Simulation Center and Technology
(561) 297-1374

Research Support
Carrie Ann Perez
Director of Academic and Research Support
(561) 297-4121

Simulation Center
Mark Goldstein
Senior Director of Simulation Center and Technology
(561) 297-1374

Gloria Fuentes
Simulation Center Administrator
(561) 297-4320

Student Affairs
Joanna Duran
Director of Student Affairs
(561) 297-2097

Surgery Residency
Gretchen Lynch, C-TAGME
Residency Program Coordinator
(561) 297-4845




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