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Gifts to the College
[Image: gelb]  We simply cannot have the best health care system in the world without the best doctors. At FAU, we are committed to training the nation's best future physicians and researchers. Endowments for our faculty and students will help sustain the intellectual vitality of the University. Research support helps further our commitment to medical education and the advancement of society as a whole. Gifts to unrestricted funds provide the flexibility to pursue new ideas and discoveries as well as to meet new challenges. Your support of FAU's Schmidt College of Medicine is an investment in quality medical education and biomedical research. You will ensure the future of our medical school and will make it possible to educate our community about the role and significance of medical education and research; including its great impact on our community. Our medical school will ensure that quality healthcare will be delivered by highly trained physicians within our own community. Research will drive the future of medical discovery, educate the next generation of scientists and impact countless lives. 



Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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