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Graduate Scholarships for the 2015-2016 Academic Year Please join us in congratulating these deserving biology graduate students (PI names are in parentheses)!!

Provost Fellowship for Charles E. Schmidt College of Science:

     Megan Chandler (Dr. Binninger)

     Joseph Niederhauser (Dr. Anderson)

     Regina Zweng (Dr. Koch-Rose)


Delores A. Auzenne Fellowship for Charles E. Schmidt College of Science:

     Melissa Reiterer (Dr. Milton)


Newell Doctoral Fellowship for Charles E. Schmidt College of Science:

     Chelsea Bennice (Dr. Brooks)

     Courtney Cocilova (Dr. Milton)

     Betsey Evans (Dr. Gawlik)

     Olena Makhnyeva (Dr. Milton)

     Monica Risley (Dr. Dawson-Scully)


Graduate Fellowship for Academic Excellence for Charles E. Schmidt College of Science:

     Stephanie Kelly (Dr. Dawson-Scully)


Courtenay Graduate Scholarships in Conservation Biology/ Conservation Biology:

     Jessica Nobel (Dr. Kajiura)


Captain Al Nathan Memorial Scholarship/Palm Beach County Fishing Scholarship:

     Mary (Beth) Bowers (Dr. Kajiura)


Vincent Saurino Fellowship for Graduate Students in Biological Sciences:

     Betsy Evans (Dr. Gawlik)

     Ciny John (Drs. Dawson-Scully and Murphey)

     Shweta Singh (Dr. Dawson-Scully)

     Diana Singkornrat (Dr. Binninger) 


Dr. G. Alex and Carla Marsh Scholarship Fund:

     Jessene Aquino-Thomas For Ecology (Dr. Proffitt)

     Danielle Ingle For Marine (Dr. Porter) 


Rosalyn E. Schonzeit Scholarship in Environmental Studies:

     Jennifer Polinski (Dr. Voss) 


Lutz Memorial Scholarship:

     Michael Studivan (Dr. Voss)

     Alycia Shatters (Dr. Voss) 


National Save the Sea Turtle Scholarship:

     Victoria Erb (Dr. Wyneken)

     Jacob Lasala (Dr. Wyneken)

     Alexandra Lolovar (Dr. Wyneken)

     Shelby Creager  (Dr. Porter)

     Sarah Hoffman  (Dr. Porter) 


Boca Raton Orchid Society Endowed Scholarship:

     Noah Kaplan (Dr. Zhang) 


John Nambu Scholarship for Molecular Biology:

     Melissa Reiterer (Dr. Milton)


Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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