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[Image: Cynthia Berman-Gruen]  Berman-Gruen, Cynthia 
Program Assistant
BC-90 (DW) 428
954 236-1267 (Davie), [email protected] [Image: Stacee Caplan]  Caplan, Stacee 
Graduate Program Coordinator
SC-1 138
561-297-4750 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Michelle Cavallo]  Cavallo, Michelle 
Director of Academic Programs and Support Services
SC 136
561 297-0384 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Marjorie Cazeau]  Cazeau, Marjorie 
Special Assistant to the Chair of C.M.B.B. and Program Assistant
MC-17 (RF)/MC-19 (RE) 223/119
561 799-8322 (MC-17, Jupiter),
561 799-8060 (MC-19, Jupiter), [email protected] [Image: Becky Dixon]  Dixon, Becky 
Senior Secretary
SC-1 136
561 297-3320 (Boca Raton), [email protected] [Image: Sharon Ellis]  Ellis, Sharon 
SC-1 136
561 297-0387 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Silvana Jaramillo]  Jaramillo, Silvana 
Budget Coordinator
MC-19 (RE) 105
561 799-8695 (Jupiter), [email protected] [Image: Geri Mayer]  Mayer, Geri 
Coordinator for Academic Programs
SC-1 142
561 297-2405 (Boca Raton), [email protected] [Image: Therese Profit]  Profit, Therese 
MC-19 (RE) 119
561 799-8060, 561 799-8322 (Jupiter), [email protected][Image: Lucetta Richards]  Richards, Lucetta 
Budget Coordinator
BC-52 (ES) 244
954 236-1294 (Davie)/561 297-3321 (Boca), [email protected][Image: Daniela Scheurle]  Scheurle, Daniela 
Coordinator for Academic Support Services
SC-1 120
561 297-2904 (Boca Raton), [email protected] [Image: Cristina de la Rosa]  de la Rosa, Cristina 
Biology Laboratory Supervisor
BC-52 (ES) 307
954 236-1615 (Davie), [email protected][Image: Sheryl van der Heiden]  van der Heiden, Sheryl 
Coordinator for Research Programs and Services
BC-52 (ES) 307
954 236-1615 (Davie), [email protected]

Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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