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Biology Department Faculty [Image: Rindy Anderson]  Anderson, Rindy 
Assistant Professor
DW 336
954-236-1144 (Davie),
561-297-4681 (Boca), [email protected][Image: John D. Baldwin]  Baldwin, John D. 
DW 438
954-236-1151 (Davie), [email protected][Image: Diane Baronas-Lowell]  Baronas-Lowell, Diane 
Associate Scientist
SC 261
561-297-4948 (Boca), [email protected][Image: Brian Benscoter]  Benscoter, Brian 
Associate Professor
DW 437
954-236-1141 (Davie), [email protected][Image: David Binninger]  Binninger, David 
Associate Professor
SC 210
561-297-3323 (Boca), [email protected][Image: Randy Brooks]  Brooks, Randy 

SC 268
561-297-3888 (Boca), [email protected][Image: Brenda J. Claiborne]  Claiborne, Brenda J. 
MC-19 108
561-799-8032 (Jupiter), [email protected][Image: Ken Dawson-Scully]  Dawson-Scully, Ken 
Associate Professor
MC-19 103
561-799-8051 (Jupiter),
561-297-0337 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Nathan Dorn]  Dorn, Nathan 
Associate Professor
DW 436
954-236-1315 (Davie), [email protected][Image: Nwadiuto Esiobu]  Esiobu, Nwadiuto 
SC 271
561-297-4306 (Boca), [email protected][Image: Evelyn Marques Frazier]  Frazier, Evelyn Marques 
Senior Instructor
SC 201
561-297-4472 (Boca), [email protected][Image: Dale Gawlik]  Gawlik, Dale 
SC 221
561-297-3333 (Boca), [email protected][Image: Tanja Godenschwege]  Godenschwege, Tanja 
Associate Professor
MC-19 209
561 799-8055 (Jupiter),
561-297-1390 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: James X. Hartmann]  Hartmann, James X. 
SC 270
561-297-3334 (Boca), [email protected][Image: Colin Hughes]  Hughes, Colin 
Associate Professor
DW 439
(954) 236-1156 (Davie),
561-297-1014 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Kailiang Jia]  Jia, Kailiang 
Associate Professor
MC-19 205
561-799-8054 (Jupiter),
561-297-0512 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Stephen Kajiura]  Kajiura, Stephen 
SC 215
561-297-2677 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Alex Keene]  Keene, Alex 
Associate Professor
MC-19 202
561 799-8053 (Jupiter),
561-297-4681 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Marguerite Koch-Rose]  Koch-Rose, Marguerite 
SC 267
561-297-3325 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: J. K. Kumi-Diaka]  Kumi-Diaka, J. K. 
Associate Professor
DW 442
954 236-1135 (Davie), [email protected][Image: Matthew Lovelace]  Lovelace, Matthew 
Visiting Instructor
SC 183
561 297-0513 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Jay Lyons]  Lyons, Jay 
Associate Professor
DW 430
(954) 236-1117 (Davie), [email protected][Image: Greg Macleod]  Macleod, Greg 
Associate Professor
MC-19 212
(561) 799-8205 (Jupiter), [email protected][Image: Sarah L. Milton]  Milton, Sarah L. 
Associate Professor
SC 288
561 297-3327 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Rod Murphey]  Murphey, Rod 
SC 136
561-297-0384 (Boca Raton),
561-799-8050 (Jupiter), [email protected][Image: Ramaswamy Narayanan]  Narayanan, Ramaswamy 
SC 216
561 297-2247 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Erik Noonburg]  Noonburg, Erik 
Associate Professor
DW 332
954 236-1303 (Davie), [email protected][Image: Dianne Owen]  Owen, Dianne 
SC 263
561-297-0873 (Boca), [email protected][Image: Marianne E. Porter]  Porter, Marianne E. 
Assistant Professor
SC 211
561 297-1288 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Michael Salmon]  Salmon, Michael 
Research Professor
SC 264
561 297-2747 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Mary Jane Saunders]  Saunders, Mary Jane 
SC 218
561 297-3501 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Tim C. Theisen]  Theisen, Tim C. 
Senior Instructor
DW 443
954 236-1061 (Davie), [email protected][Image: Herbert Weissbach]  Weissbach, Herbert 
Distinguished Research Professor
MC-17 225
561 799-8345 (Jupiter), [email protected][Image: Jeanette Wyneken]  Wyneken, Jeanette 
SC 266
561 297-0146 (Boca Raton), [email protected][Image: Xing-Hai Zhang]  Zhang, Xing-Hai 
SC 262
561 297-1011 (Boca Raton), [email protected]

Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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