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School School Advisory Body

2016-2017 FAUS School Advisory Body Members  
  • Ms. Lauren Robinson– Elementary School Faculty Representative
  • Mrs. Cheryl Akers – Secondary Faculty Representative
  • Ms. Lyndsay Tolerton – At-Large Faculty Representative
  • Ms. Iris Bernstein - Education Support Employee Representative
  • Mr. Thomas Halikman – Elementary School Parent Representative
  • Mr. Naim Rahman – Middle School Parent Representative
  • Mrs. Ali Tal-mason – High School Parent Representative
  • Ms. Diana Ballou– At-Large Parent Representative
  • Dr. Hope Brawer Blum – At-Large Parent Representative
  • Ms. Kisa Ibrahim - FAU High School Representative
  • Ms. Kira Wolak - FAU High School Representative
  • Dr. Deborah Shepherd – College of Education, Dean’s Office Representative
  • Dr. Stephen Locke, FAU Faculty Representative
  • Ms. Emma del Real, Community/Business Representative
  • Mrs. Sherry Bees, Principal/Director
  • Mrs. Alyson Rodriguez, Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Mr. Carlos Rossie, Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Dr. Joel Herbst, Assistant Dean, Pk-12 Schools and Educational Programs/COE Designee 

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