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Decatur Office:
1457 Scott Blvd.
Decatur, Ga. 30030

(404) 292-2500

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North Atlanta Office:
5775 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.
Peachtree Dunwoody Pavilion
Building D, Suite 175
Atlanta, Ga. 30342

(404) 303-8882

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(404) 292-2500
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Premium Cataract Lenses
These implants enable patients to see at near, far and intermediate distances after surgery. AcrySof ReSTOR is a breakthrough lens that uses apodized diffractive technology to give patients a full range of vision -- near through distance -- and greatly reduces their reliance on reading glasses or bifocals. The AcrySof ReSTOR intraocular lens (IOL) is an artificial lens used in cataract surgery for patients with or without presbyopia. The unique patented optic design results in highly predictable visual acuity results, meaning patients can read the text on items such as prescription bottles, magazines, newspapers and computer screens, while also providing the ability to see items at a distance independent of reading glasses or bifocals. In fact, clinical trials have demonstrated that four out of five patients reported never wearing glasses or bifocals following bilateral cataract surgery.

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[Image: Arcsof Restore]  
[Image: Toric]  
The AcrySof Toric Intraocular Lens (IOL) is an advanced technology that now makes it possible to correct the cataracts clouding your vision - AND the corneal astigmatism distorting your vision - all at the same time. The technology behind the AcrySof Toric IOL offers precise astigmatic correction that reduces or eliminates corneal astigmatism and delivers significantly improved distance-vision without glasses or contacts for cataract patients with pre-existing astigmatism. With the AcrySof Toric lens, your distance vision can be clear and vibrant, all in just one step!

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Wearing eyeglasses is one of the simplest ways to correct vision problems. Lenses are available in glass, regular and high index plastic, and polycarbonate. Although they scratch less easily, glass lenses tend to be heavier and often slide down the nose. Plastic and polycarbonate lenses are lighter and safer than glass but scratch easily. Scratches cannot be removed but they can be avoided or minimized with appropriate care. Scratch resistant coatings can be applied to plastic and polycarbonate lenses.

Frames come in many shapes and sizes, so it is important to pick a frame that is best for you. Factors to take into consideration when selecting a frame include facial features, age, activities and the prescription itself. Often a strong prescription requires thicker lenses, which can affect your choice of frames. Ask about the quality and expected lifetime of the frame when choosing your frame.

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Contact Lenses
Order Your Contacts Online
Our full service contact lens center has the capability to order any contact lens style available in today's marketplace. There are numerous options available, including soft planned replacements, rigid gas permeable, toric lenses for astigmatism, bifocals, lenses for monovision and lenses to be worn for therapeutic treatment. Many patients who, in the past, were unsuccessful with contacts now enjoy contact lens wear. We pride ourselves on our ability and willingness to fit even the most difficult prescriptions. Our contact lens technicians work directly with your doctor to ensure the best fit for you. Our technicians have over 20 years experience in the fitting and dispensing of contact lens. We also carry a variety of contact lens solutions for your lenses.

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