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About Lake Sinclair Lake Sinclair is located along the fall line of Middle Georgia's Oconee River.

Lake Sinclair was voted the cleanest lake in Georgia!

Lake Sinclair has approximately 15,330 acres of water and over 400 miles of shoreline. It is fed by the waters of the Oconee River, Little River, and many large creeks . Lake Sinclair is a lake of many coves and inlets as well as long stretches of open water.

Lake Sinclair has provided both electricity and recreation since 1953. The 15,330-acre body of water has 417 miles of scenic shoreline with charming coves and inlets as well as long stretches of open water. The maximum depth at the dam of 90 feet. The water level will fluctuate approx. one to two feet each day due to the fact that Georgia power pumps water from Sinclair into Lake Oconee to run the power generators at the Oconee dam.

Sinclair Dam was completed in February 1953 and was named for B. W. Sinclair, a Georgia Power plant construction and operation superintendent. The final cost of the project was more than $14 million. The dam stands 104 feet high and 2,988 feet long. It consists of concrete non-overflow and spillway sections, flanked by reinforced earthen embankments. The spillway has 24, 30 foot wide floodgates. Two turbine/generator assemblies can produce 22.5 Megawatts each, at an average head of 90 feet and flow rate of 4,000 cfs, for a total of 45 Megawatts at 8,000 cfs

The lake is situated in three counties, Baldwin, Putnam and Hancock.

Lake Sinclair offers residents the luxury of lake living. Whether your interests are fishing, skiing, boating, swimming, or just relaxing while watching a beautiful sunset, Lake Sinclair has something to offer you. Owning a piece of Lake Sinclair Real Estate is like having your own little slice of heaven.

Oh, and the best part is, Lake Sinclair is always at full pool. When other lakes are suffering from water shortages, Lake Sinclair is always full. If you are looking to own a piece of Lake Real Estate, look no further than Lake Sinclair. Call your Craig Massee Agent to find out what all of the fuss is about.

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