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We preload 32Gb Micro SD cards with a library full of educational content. We ship them to resellers in Africa who sell them on to parents and teachers.

Applications for offline navigation, offline social networking, & much more

Check out the
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Learn English

Courses & Apps starting at the very beginning, developing basic language skill.
250 books for children

250 reading level 1-4 books for children.
Powered by Kiwix

Kiwix is the software that makes this possible. Attractive file presentation and searchable content.
500 books for adults

The top 500 books from project Gutenberg. In English, French and Arabic

First Aid courses & 50,000 pages used by medical professionals, but also useful for everyone.

Wikipedia for education in French, Arabic and English
Plant database

Plants for a Future; Global directory of 7,000+ plants. detailing Edible, Medicinal and other uses
The hardware
SD cards for phones

We can supply and ship retail-ready Micro SD cards for Android, containing the full library of content anywhere in the world
Rosetta Phone

A £40 smartphone¬†with reasonable spec sold PAYG at cost price, using SMS based mobile payments.
Rosetta Home

A Pi Zero containing the above content, accessed through a web interface, or by connecting to a TV.

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