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Religious History
Graduate students will find the History Department an intellectually stimulating environment for studying the role of religious ideas, behaviors, people, and institutions of the past. The department offers a wide variety of courses in religious history, and students can work on religious history topics in many subfields, including Southern history, Early and Modern American history, and Medieval and Early Modern European history.

United States History
UA promotes robust inquiry in all periods of American history.  Our strength in social, cultural, and political history is complemented by specializations in African American history, Native American history, military and diplomatic history, constitutional history, intellectual history, religious history, economic and business history, and gender history.

Howard Jones’s My Lai: Vietnam, 1968, and the Descent into Darkness Explores Infamous Vietnam Massacre
This June, Professor Emeritus Howard Jones published My Lai: Vietnam, 1968, and the Descent into Darkness, a look into one of the most infamous incidents in the Vietnam War.

Gender and Women’s History
Women’s and gender history is an active field of study at UA. Faculty teach courses in a variety of geographic locations and time periods, enabling students to gain transnational and comparative perspectives on the diversity of gender roles and on how a gendered analysis changes our understanding of historical problems.

Our New Department Newsletter, Historically Speaking, Now Available!
We are please to announce that issue number one of Historically Speaking is now in print and on its way to faculty, students, alumni, and friends of the Department of History at The University of Alabama.

Nuclear War on the Korean Peninsula: Historical Perspectives on a Possible Future
The History Department is hosting a panel discussion entitled, “Nuclear War on the Korean Peninsula: Historical Perspectives on a Possible Future,” on Friday, February 9, at 4pm, in 125 ten Hoor Hall.

Professor Joshua Rothman Part of Team that Receives $300,000 NEH Grant
Dr. Joshua Rothman is a part of a team that received a $300,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in support of their current project, “Freedom on the Move: A Database of Fugitive from North American Slavery.” The project, which Rothman co-directs and has been working on alongside colleagues at Cornell University and the University of New Orleans, aims to digitize every advertisement for a runaway slave in North American newspapers.

Latin American History
Stretching from the early Atlantic world to modern and contemporary Mexico, UA has great strengths in South American, Central American, and Caribbean history. Issues of cross-cultural relations, race and ethnicity, national and regional identity, and popular and political culture are widely investigated. Latin American History also benefits from the Alabama-Cuba Initiative, which gives faculty and students opportunities to study in Cuba.

Southern History
The history of the U.S. South is an area of particular strength, as the department boasts seven specialists in the field. Course offerings and faculty research investigate all areas of southern history, from politics and labor relations to the history of race, gender, religion, and the environment. UA is also conveniently located near many important archival resources for the study of the South.

Noted Civil War Historian William C. Harris’s Career Began in the Department of History at The University of Alabama
Alumnus William C. Harris, professor emeritus at North Carolina State University, began his fifty-year career as a Civil War historian here in Tuscaloosa, earning both his undergraduate and graduate history degrees from The University of Alabama Department of History.

Welcome to the Department, Dr. Kaufman!
From childhood through high school, Dr. Kaufman’s father would tell her and her sister “three-minute history lessons” on the way to school in the morning, and it was because of this that she “fell in love with the great stories in history,” she says. Dr. Kaufman was a Renaissance Studies major as an undergraduate at Yale, but she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

History of Race
Students in this field investigate how racial identities have been constructed and contested over time, shaping social interactions and setting the boundaries of inclusion and exclusion in various regions of the world. Faculty strengths lie in early modern understandings of difference, slavery in the Americas, Native American history, free people of color in the United States and Latin America, and the role of race in shaping the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras in the United States.

European History
The department has a longstanding history of excellence in areas of German, Central European, and Russian history, French history, English history, Medieval history, and Early Modern and Modern history. Faculty specializations range across political, diplomatic, social, cultural, gender, intellectual, religious, imperial, and economic history, as well as the history of science and medicine.

Undergraduate Matt Culver Creates WWI Exhibit at Warner Transportation Museum
Undergraduate Matt Culver’s exhibit “Lafayette, We Are Here! America Enters the First World War” is currently on display at the Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum in Tuscaloosa. Matt Culver is a senior History/Computer Science double major, and has been involved with a group of students working on two World War I exhibits on campus in remembrance of the war’s centennial.

UA Students tell the stories of Tuscaloosa County lynching victims.
Fifteen UA students enrolled in HY 300/AAST 395 Southern Memory: Lynching in the South collectively spent more than 1,000 hours documenting the lives and circumstances surrounding the deaths of 10 Tuscaloosa County residents who were lynched between 1884 and 1933.

Military and Naval History
Students in military history study the full range of conflict, from the ancient world to contemporary problems. Graduate study of military history at UA is especially strong in colonial and Civil War America and Early Modern and Modern Europe, with a strong emphasis on naval history, diplomacy, international relations, and the home front.

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