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Welcome to Jeffersonville, Georgia!
Welcome to Jeffersonville, Georgia!
Welcome to Jeffersonville, Georgia!
A compact and bustling City, Jeffersonville is the geographic center of the State and the county seat of Twiggs County. The City Center is home to public offices and agencies conveniently located for pedestrians in a two-block area: a refurbished County Courthouse, the City Park,  Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Post Office, Twiggs Agricultural Extension Office, Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Center, and City Hall. The downtown center also includes long-time and new business enterprises such as restaurants; laundromat; auto parts, grocery, hardware, feed and seed stores; and pharmacy with a gift shop. Jeffersonville has been home to a bank and a library since the 19th century.  The current incarnation of these establishments as well as the Board of Health now grace the City’s Main Street.

Covering some three square miles, the City of Jeffersonville is a charming mix of growth and preservation. The extensive historic district features handsome churches, lovingly filled with today’s faithful, and homes from as early as the 1830s, listed on the National Register and happily maintained by resident families. The City of Jeffersonville takes pride in the natural resources of green space, tree canopy, ponds and creeks that are City treasures, adding to the quality of life for families and visitors alike.  The convenience of a well-planned City Center, commercial district, natural beauty, elbow room and friendly people make the City of Jeffersonville a charming place to do business, to visit, and to raise a family.

Welcome to Jeffersonville. We are Hometown Proud!

Charles Williams, Mayor
City of Jeffersonville


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