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Georgia Military College
201 E. Greene St.
Milledgeville, GA 31061
(478) 387-4900
Welcome to GMC

No. Early Commisioning and ROTC Programs are offered, but military service is not required, nor is participation in the ROTC program.

Admission at GMC operates on an open enrollment basis and therefore requires only a GMC application and high school (or GED) diploma.

Georgia Military College offers associate degree programs to prepare students to transfer to four year colleges.

GMC offers a quality education for an exceptional value. Our very affordable tuition rates mean you graduate with less debt.

New Programs Offered at GMC

Cutting Edge Technology
Cyber Security
Looking to join the exciting and growing career field of cyber security professionals? GMC has launched the A.S. in Cyber Security to allow you to do just that. This program of study will give you an Associate’s Degree that can lead to a four year degree in Cyber Security, Computer Science or Information Technology. You will also receive training in desktop programming, networking, data structures and information security. Find out more today!

Computer Science
Computer Science is a program of study that is always in high demand with any workforce. The A.S. in Computer Science from GMC will prepare you to enter the workforce at entry level. This degree program will also transfer into a four year Computer Science degree. You can receive training in computer programming and web design which are in demand with potential employers. Find out more today!

Information Technology
Information Technology is also a high demand degree in today’s information economy. The A.S. in Information Technology from GMC will teach you the basics of desktop programming, web programming, networking and more. This degree will prepare you for entry level positions in the workforce, and it can transfer into a four year Information Technology degree. Find out more today!

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Student Profiles
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Open Enrollment at GMC

Gateway to Success
Prepare for the future at GMC

Character Development
Contemporary Ethics
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One of the primary goals of GMC is to graduate students with a solid understanding of contemporary moral principles and values. The classroom experience at GMC endeavors to: 

  • Encourage students to study, discuss, and think about ethical issues they will encounter.
  • Equip students with the tools to think through ethical issues in a critical and responsible way.
  • Create an environment in which students practice “civil” discourse in the presence of differing views.
  • Develop sensitivity in our students to the suffering of others and an inclination to help those in need.
  • Improve life in our classrooms, campuses, and communities.
Intellect & Character
[Image: Intellect and Character]  

Character Education is a core part of the GMC academic program. In the short time students are enrolled, GMC strives to ensure that they are better prepared to meet future ethical challenges and to be leaders and participating citizens in their communities.

The development of student intellect is achieved through accredited academic programs leading to an associate’s degree in the junior college and a solid foundation for continued education at a four year institution.

Character development at GMC is tied to a philosophy of "Ethics across the curriculum." which calls for implementing an institution-wide environment that stresses the holistic development of students’ moral and ethical characters.

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Our Promise
At Georgia Military College, we specialize in ensuring your future success no matter the path forward that you choose.  We provide you with the solid foundation from which to continue building upon through the delivery of programs and curriculum that meets your needs.   We cannot promise that your education will be easy.  We cannot promise that you will not have to work hard to attain your goals, but we can promise you that we will:

  • Provide small class sizes, dedicated faculty, and individualized attention to help you succeed.
  • Prepare you for college level coursework and elevate your intellect.
  • Provide you with a strong basis in ethics, character and leadership.
  • Deliver your education in a way that meets your needs and accommodates your schedule.
  • Teach you to think critically and become a productive member of society.
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GMC Awards
    CNN Money — 9th Best Community College
    Washington Monthly — 12th Best Community College
    The Best Schools — 14th Best Community College
    CollegeAtlas.Org — Top 25 Best Community Colleges
    Community College Week — 9th Fastest Growing Community College
    Victory Media — Designated a “Military Friendly School"