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About Textise
[Image: Big Brother is texting you]  Textise is a new way of looking at the Web. It’s an Internet tool that removes everything from a web page except for its text.
In practice, this means that images, forms, scripts, pretty fonts, they all go, leaving plain text. What’s really cool, though, is that links are retained, although these are no ordinary links: click one and you’re transported to another text-only page, and that page leads to another, and another, and another… You stay in Textise World until you click the Back To Reality link.

Because forms are removed by Textise (well, they’re not text, are they?), you might think that searching isn’t possible. Well, think again – the Textise home page allows you to search using a variety of popular search engines (Bing, Google and Yahoo) and display the results in a text-only format. Plus, Textise can optionally display a search box on some sites (BBC, Metacritric, YouTube  and many others – see this blog post for the full list).

Textise has many uses –

  • It can improve accessibility for the blind and partially-sighted.
  • It creates pages that are better for printing when it’s just the words you’re after.
  • It allows safer navigation to suspicious web-sites.
  • It can make cluttered pages easier to read.
  • It can show you what a search engine sees when it scans a web page – great for SEO!
  • It can show you what a screen reader sees when it processes a web page – great for ensuring accessibility!
  • It can help with web research.
  • It can help web developers add maintenance-free accessibility links to their web sites. See the For Web Developers page for more details.
If you discover new uses for Textise, please let us know by adding a comment to this page.

Note that Textise does have some limitations:

  • You can’t use Textise to visit sites that require you to log in, e.g. Facebook.
  • You can’t use Textise to buy stuff from e-commerce sites, e.g. Amazon (but you can browse their stores).

Textise is free for small-scale personal, educational and charitable use. For commercial and government purposes  and for large web sites (including, but not restricted to, the creation of text-only links that use Textise or calls to the web service), please contact me for a quote using the Contact Page. Payment can be made on a monthly or yearly subscription basis and the cost will vary according to the size of your site and number of domains covered. There are other benefits to subscribing, including site personalisation, and rates are always reasonable.

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14 responses to “About Textise ”

  1. great website…been a absolute lifesaver for me today.

    There is a problem with my router – losing roughly 80% of packets sent to it. My current speed is 2.5kpbs, but can still view sites thanks to this site!

    Mucho Appreciato!

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  2. Im excited to give this a try. I think this is a great idea, especially considering the number of people who are stuck with dial up or data limited connections or are just tired of internet clutter. Ive been looking for a browser (and had the bright idea to search for an addon) that is text only. The option i previously found was Lynx. Tried it. Its not easy to operate unfortunately. Lynx is a text only browser, but it is also a browser for computers that were created like pre-1990, with no disambiguation between those concepts. The people developing Lynx actively are the type of people who mostly care about making a 1985 computer operate in todays environment, not, wow, we could apply yesterday’s concepts to today’s technology and really be living well.

    My suggestion is that pictures and videos not load automatically but be available. I was thinking that the big obstacle for a text only browser is the coding format (im no expert). Since coding is somewhat non-standard, how do you get a browser to basically take any bit of code random users can generate to create a page and turn it into an aesthetically pleasing, clean, text only experience. Essentially, Lynx SHOULD be a browser that formats all webpages to display in clean, text only, the Apple of browsers. Pictures and video served only on demand. Everything else, specifically when it comes to user interface should at minimum be scalable to be a modern 21st century browser, which Lynx regrettably is not.

    Those are just some thoughts from an email. I hope Textise will be the solution im looking for.

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  3. lizardyoga | July 31, 2012 at 2:34 pm | Reply  
    I can’t see how this is an advantage over Lynx.

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  4. Happily, I just discovered Textise — I often have to do web research in a slow dial-up environment (24kbps) & Textise should save me lots of agony. Thanks!

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  5. I was looking for a search engine which would not display images in its results – and this does the job! Well done!

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  6. I’ve been looking for this text-only function since I’m using broadband with caps. Can you develop the same extension for Chrome? Thanks

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  7. Another great use – allow reading the content of webpages that are pretty much broken otherwise (e.g. – most of the expand-o-links don’t work)

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  8. A great use I found out about this site was using it as a way to pass firewalls set up by my company. For example my company blocks Reddit and I ways able to view it through textise. I wonder if anyone does this too haha

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